Irena Thomann

Currently living in the beautiful city of Cologne in Germany, she feels lucky to say that her passion is the job that she does. She never felt tired of her professional life, perhaps that’s why today she works in three different industries that give great satisfaction. Motion and adventures keep her inner light going like a light bulb with electricity. Health, beauty and fashion style are the areas linked by her lifestyle. For as long as she can remember, Irena has been using well-matched supplements that strengthen her body, skin and she’s bursting with vitality and health.

Consistency in supplementation, regular consumption of vitamins and minerals allowed her to maintain the current state of her body and mind. As a 65-year-old woman she could retire, but the amount of energy she has keeps her going. Irena’s shares her secrets of supplementation and quantum technology that affects physical and mental health on her Instagram and Facebook, where you can follow her to also gather ideas about her daily life and on how to improve yours. Registration on social media is free, however the knowledge you get is invaluable. She is convinced that not having the right knowledge damages what is really important – our skin. Irena trusts that the most common mistakes in getting healthy, glowing skin is applying the wrong choice of skincare product and supplementation that is widely promoted on the market.

“Take care of yourself from yesterday on, because today can show you, that tomorrow may be too late”.

She would like to share a message across to ensure that we all apply products that are suitable for specific skin types, and this can be checked by asking your beautician or doctor.

IRENA THOMANN and Akuna DieSupplements

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