Karina Magdalena Goral

Karina is a mom of two beautiful children and a promoter of a holistic lifestyle and natural beauty. She exercises, practices yoga, meditation and dance, loves books and mindful vegetarian cuisine.

She travelled Europe and lived many years in Italy, running a historic residence in Umbria. She took the best, the healthiest, and most valuable elements from Italian culture and cuisine. Following her interests, she became a Holistic Therapist, and Certified Health and Nutrition Life Coach.

With her passion for helping others, she balances the body, mind, and soul using a blend of different techniques and offering whole-body experience sessions specially designed for women.

Karina is also a proud ambassador for the global brand of natural supplements, FitLine. As a response to many requests, she decided to gather her holistic lifestyle tips in her blog.

“Start with yourself, give yourself space, and everything will fall into place!”.

Her message to women is: Often in the rush of life, we forget about proper self-care, and it is vital as everything starts within us. We attract what we feel inside, so it’s best to stop and do the inner work first! If we don’t know ourselves well, then how can we expect others to understand us? We are not only mothers, wives, employees, business owners or housekeepers 24h. Firstly we need to identify that we are women, and we should allow ourselves to embrace our femininity, go beyond the rules, roles, and patterns. Engage with mother nature, follow our intuition to discover health and energy that comes within it. The picture reflects a self-discovery journey and gratitude.


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