Paulina Wojciechowska

Paulina is 32 years old and has been living in the UK for the past 4 years where she fulfils her professional life and makes her dreams come true. She’s studying Multilevel Marketing and Social Media at West London University, as it provides her spare time and financial freedom, which she’s been missing so far. For several years she has been associated with the beauty industry. As eyelash stylist she’s also a brand ambassador of vegan hair and face cosmetics. She loves to laugh, hence why this became her trademark. Interested in personal development she runs the ‘Power Woman’ fan page, where she motivates women to be active and helps with their self-development.

She lived in a toxic relationship. Her (already ex) husband had a grudge against her when Paulina surrounded herself with positive people and when she started to fulfil herself. With no support from her husband, Paulina’s self-confidence was failing and she felt that she’s being pulled down. Overwhelmed by negative energy she decided to file for divorce. It was a difficult time for Paulina and after a nervous breakdown, she reminded herself where she came from and what she achieved so far and did not give up. She got up on her feet, picked up her crown and kept going. She has got visions and she’s following her dreams. As a motivator, she practices and takes pride in helping other women. Paulina is planning to live outside of London and as she visited Greece, Portugal, Mexico, Slovenia and Italy she’s also planning to travel around the world with her next trip being Zanzibar and the Maldives. She would like to graduate and aspires to continue helping others while remaining happy.

“Stop waiting until Monday, until spring, until you’re good enough, for a better moment, until you find true love, until you change your job – to tomorrow. You already have everything to create the life you dream about”.

Her dreams are to create her own eBook, online course, write a book, but above all to become a mother, which she’s confident all of these dreams are within her reach.

Phone: 07947233056

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