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When we speak about investment, we often get confused about it to be complex, most of them are too complicated to understand or reserved for high net worth persons only. But, there are much more than just investments that we usually know and see in our daily life. You can make your money work for you while you do things that you love to. And, in fact, earned income is the way that most of us survive. While you’re working for your money, don’t forget to invest and put some of your money to work for you.

“The secret to wealth is simple:
Find a way to do more for others than
anyone else do”

This is something that’s especially important for business owners. It is easy to forget to set money aside for retirement without an employer-sponsored plan to fall back on. Whether you are working hard for a paycheck at a more “traditional” job, or whether you are working for yourself as a business owner, make sure that you make the effort to invest since that’s how you put your money to work for you.

The Wealthy Know They Should Invest

When we think of the wealthy, we often think of high-paying jobs. Though the truth is, that the wealthy don’t get most of their income from salary. Instead, a large portion of their income comes from investments in different avenues. A couple of years ago, this was still unknown to many of us, someone who is wealthy by almost any standard. You don’t have to be super-rich to take advantage of investing over time. While you might not be able to stop working and live off your dividends any time soon, you can learn from the habits of the wealthy. And one of the most important lessons to learn is that investing is a huge part of effectively growing your wealth — especially over time.

Being woman, no matter how successful you are always the most caring one in the family layer. But being safe is the most important for all of us for our future when it comes to money or investment mindset.

Once it is simple, we can continue to do things in our normal day to day life while our money keeps growing on the side with safety. Smart business owners know that they need to let their money do some of the work of building a solid financial future. Make sure you are taking some of your business income and investing it in your future. Some time back I was also hesitant, and  I was limiting myself thinking some basics frustrations that ‘‘I am bad with money & saving money is a struggle’’ and always wanted to be in my safe zone. I got inspired to change my mindset for a better future for me and my loved ones.

Why spend from the capital when the same capital can be put to work to bring some more comfort in our life
• If you just put your cash in a bank saving account (around 2% interest)
• If you put half your cash into a saving account and a half in stocks (around 6% growth)
• If you put all of your cash into stocks (around 10% growth) Main Benefits of investing in Forex / Stocks
• Largest Financial Market. …
• It’s for Everyone. …
• High Volume and Liquidity. …
• Nobody Owns the Market. …
• Trade the Highs and the Lows. …
• It’s A 24-Hour Market. …
• No Commissions on Most Accounts. …
• Low Transaction Costs.


FOREX – Over 45 currency pairs, including major, cross-currency & exotic currencies.

METALS – Tight spreads on Gold & Silver

COMMODITIES – Trade commodities such as natural gas, crude oil, and others.

CRYPTO CURRENCIES – Trade popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripples, and Litecoin. In a world where empowerment is everything. Together we shine brighter- we fly higher. Sharing experiences and benefit achievements are the biggest empowerment, determine your goals, and get started now!

Asli Muzaffer
Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make- makes you.

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