3 places in Italy you should visit during the Winter

Winter is a special state of mind. It brings with it the last dregs of a long year and the feeling of looking rancourlessly at the
past with horizons towards the future and the new year. This is why, for many, there is a desire to escape from the chaos of the city, to surround oneself with the typical winter colours, and to take long walks in nature.

Seeking new horizons is a metaphor for those who find themselves in nature. In Italy, out-of-town trips are a constant during the winter period. There are those who still prefer to take long walks by the sea and take advantage of the last mild days, while those who prefer the mountains and food and wine experiences.

Among the well-known destinations is the famous town of the Trulli in Apulia, Alberobello, which are conical dwellings that were used for temporary stops or permanent homes for farmers. An uncommon place far from the hectic city life. to admire an area still little affected by globalization. Not far from the Apulian city is Matera, another enchanting place to end an evening in a magical and relaxing place, letting yourself go to the wonder of this small town famous not only for being one of the oldest cities in the world but also for being the city of the Sassi, which are two districts of the city formed by buildings and rock architecture carved into the rock. They are two small towns but those who live there still have the slow pace typical of the South.

Another place where man and nature have always coexisted with respect is the Monferrato area, hills located between the Ligurian and Piedmontese Apennines, a Unesco heritage site since 2014. What makes this place special is the nature, made sparkling by the vines and wine-making processes. The six areas can be visited: Langa del Barolo, the hills of Barbaresco, Nizza Monferrato and the Barbera, Canelli and the Asti Spumante, the Monferrato degli Infernot and the Castle of Grinzane Cavour. Typical activities include long walks in the woods, trekking and tasting fine wines such as Barolo and Dolcetto di Alba.

Last but not least, is the Sinis Peninsula in Sardinia. Those who prefer the sea and beach in winter cannot do without this suggestive strip of land that is still unknown and little frequented. Yes, it really is an unspoilt place, recognized by the European Commission as an „Eden” destination of excellence. Here you really are in the place where you can enjoy any outdoor activity, where dreams and freedom intertwine to make way for relaxed, out-of-the-city winter days.

arcangeloAbout author:
I am Italian. I am passionate about emotions in cooking
and travelling. I like to combine new flavours, new places
and new travels. Through experience, I have learned to
see different horizons and I think that in the world we
have no borders, we are all united by love. The love that
makes our being wonderful and special.

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