Paris and me. Agnès Wuyam

As you know, I live permanently in France. I am often in the fashion capital of Paris Each time I discover its new face. Always full of secrets and discovering a new, inspiring world for me. New season, new challenges, this time in the area of Folie Berger.

Folies – this was the name of the places where the aristocracy watched night performances and ballet performances. The name originated in Italy and referred to the entertainment pavilions set up in gardens or country mansions among trees. And so, the word Foglia – Italian leaf turned into French Folies. According to another version, the word Folies in French for “madness” referred precisely to the madness carried out in such places. The Revue was located at Bergere Street, hence, on September 13, 1872, it was renamed Folies-Bergere.

An artistic part of Paris that can be felt at every step. Beautiful Parisian streets, hustle and bustle of taxis next to the cafeteria. Here are some photos from my collection.

Photos by: KOPERSKI

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