Who runs the world? Women!!!

Anna is a woman who had the courage to change, to look at the world from a different perspective. Born and raised in Darmstadt, Germany, to Italian parents, her father from Lucania and her mother from Sicily, she had a stable job in a multinational company. But it was probably too tight and she felt the need for change. Her summers spent between Basilicata and Sicily left her with such a sense of belonging to Italy that she moved there and embarked on her new adventure with courage and a touch of uncertainty.

Anna’s return to her origins, like any change, was not immediately easy. It was gradual to settle in a context such as Basilicata, far from the more international Frankfurt, while respecting the territory and its traditions. First as a saleswoman in a large fashion centre, and then as a cashier in a small town in the hills of Matera, she began her integration and change. In fact, Anna, with her determined spirit, has embarked on a career path more akin to her past, seeking to make her knowledge available to the Lucanian territory. The e-commerce company Cibi Lucani, a leader in the sale of typical food and wine products from the province of Matera, welcomed her into its team and entrusted her with the task of rebranding: the study of colours and a new label, brand positioning and the export of Made in Basilicata products. In 2021, in fact, thanks to Anna, the brand has changed its skin, with a vision-oriented towards the consumption of 0 km products, which has been accompanied by a different way of communicating compared to the past; greater attention to detail, light communication and aimed at enhancing the authenticity of local products. Anna is not only involved in marketing but also in exporting to her beloved Germany, promoting the lifestyle and the goodness of the food that is so much in demand among Germans.

The strength of a woman, capable of reinventing herself and not giving in to the difficulties encountered along the way, aware that changing city, country and traditions would have had a strong impact, as strong as it was decisive for her personal and professional growth. The first few days in Italy were complex and challenging to understand whether her path was the right one, but like anything that is desired with love and passion, they showed her that it was the right choice. Anna followed an unconventional path, leaving behind the certainty of a future in Germany. But, she has found herself with a lifestyle that is less hectic in the city, and more focused on personal well-being. Not 22 just a job, but a lifestyle.


About author:
I am Italian. I am passionate about emotions in cooking
and travelling. I like to combine new flavours, new places
and new travels. Through experience, I have learned to see
different horizons and I think that in the world we have
no borders, we are all united by love. The love that makes
our being wonderful and special.

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